Curated Content Will Make You Rich

If you let it

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2 min readJun 19, 2024
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I’m really fed up with people saying that earning money online as a content creator or blogger is impossible. That’s simply not true.

You won’t become wealthy overnight, but you can certainly achieve millionaire status through curated content.


With the right approach, you could retire early or significantly enhance your retirement savings.

Curated content excites me because it’s a goldmine! No exaggeration!

So, what is curated content exactly?

It’s quite simple. Content curators collect the best content from the Internet and share it with their audience. That’s it.

Here’s an example of curated content:

In this example, I shared some inspirational articles by a few of my favorite Medium writers.

You can create similar content by sharing YouTube channels, videos, TikTok pages, newsletters, and blogs.