Earn $150 Every Hour With Google News

That’s what the gurus say anyway

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3 min readFeb 13, 2022
Photo by Joshua Mayo on Unsplash

I’m obsessed with YouTube, when I’m not writing, meditating, praying, or exercising, I watch YouTube. The content that the popular YouTubers post intrigues me, especially in the ‘Make money online’ niche.

There are several high-profile YouTubers who teach their viewers how to make money online. One of the biggest make-money gurus is Ryan Hildreth. His channel is well presented and most of his content keeps you engaged. In fact, if you are new to making money online, you will spend hours binge-watching his videos.

Most of the content he produces gets rehashed by smaller YouTubers, in one of his videos titled:

“Earn $150 per hour with Google Articles” Ryan advises his viewers to steal articles from Google News and copy and paste them into an article spinning website called Spin Bot.

The next step is to sign up to platforms like SEO Clerks, Fiverr and Freelancer.com to apply for work using these spun articles to apply for content writing work.

Honestly, people shouldn’t be advising anyone to use spinning software to pass off content as their own to apply for work.

If you really want to use Google News as a resource to make money online, you should avoid this method completely.