I Made $200,000 Online From This Weird Fruit

Weird fruits make money

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2 min readJun 14, 2022
Photo by Pesce Huang on Unsplash

Weird things make money, truckloads of money.

Last year, I made $200,000 from a weird fruit. I know, it’s hard to believe because most people focus on the popular topics. I focus on the weird stuff most of the time.

I’m obsessed with finding weird stuff to write about and crazy topics that make great content for my faceless YouTube channels and TikTok pages.

In 2021, I set up a basic WordPress blog and a faceless YouTube channel about unusual herbs and fruits.

I published one article about durian fruit and shared the article on Pinterest, Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook, and in the description of a short YouTube video that I published on the same topic.

The article received 100k page views in seven days. Shocked by the traffic stats, I made a list of article titles about the durian fruit.

Altogether, I published 27 articles about durian. I eventually created an eBook about weird fruits it included, recipes, historical and nutritional facts. I sold the book for $5.

By the end of 2021, my earnings for the website hit the $200,000 mark.


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